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KoA: Reckoning - Answers from the Team, Curt Schilling Profile

by Dhruin, 2012-01-18 22:09:29

I thought they might end this series with the demo released but the Reckoning forums have a new Answers from the Team entry:

Q: What are some of the long lasting consequences that we could expect to encounter? Will some consequences lead to some NPC's not ever wanting to speak to us again? – By TheHolyKnight

A: In many ways, Reckoning is a game about choice. There are the obvious examples, such as selecting your character’s appearance, skills, and fighting style, but there are plenty of other opportunities for visitors to Amalur to change the world. All our notable NPCs have agendas. If you choose not to cooperate, you can expect a strong reaction. Some will hate you. Some will fight you. Some may disappear, never to be seen again.

In the guise of the Fateless One, you have the power to alter the outcome of lives around them. Many side quests feature one or numerous choices, the consequences of which vary widely. In some cases, it may just be a difference in the quest reward. In others, it could mean lies, betrayal, or even murder.

Factions are an especially great place to make a profound impact on the world. The Age of Arcana is a time of change, and many of Amalur’s established orders are finding themselves overwhelmed by the transition. You will have a hand in shaping the future of these powerful institutions, for good or for ill. Everywhere you go, you will leave a trail of consequences behind you. – By Andrew "Fiend" Auseon, Narrative Designer

...and Bedwyr sends in this profile of 38 Studios founder and baseball legend, Curt Schilling from CNN:

“Gaming, outside of the Lord, baseball and my family, was always my thing,” he said. “I took this very much as I did my baseball career. I scouted the industry for about five or six years, and I took notes and I went to a lot of lunches and a lot of meetings with people that were in the industry and just get a feel for what I was up against.”

He knew he wanted to focus on a new fantasy role-playing intellectual property, but also knew he wasn’t going to be the one to put it all together. So he played a little “fantasy baseball” and visualized who he would want to put together his vision of a different kind of fantasy game.

Using his connections, Schilling was able to bring in author R.A. Salvatore to write the story, designer Todd McFarlane to do the art and animation, and Ken Rolston, the lead designer of “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” and “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," to act as the executive designer. This all-star line-up formed the backbone for the work on “Reckoning.”

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