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Time of Heroes - Released for iOS

by Dhruin, 2012-01-20 10:05:53

I know we've got a few fans of Smuttlewerk's Companions around, so the release of their latest iOS game Time of Heroes is worth a mention:

Greetings from Germany. The “smuttlewerkers” are happy to announce our second title “Time of Heroes” for Apples iTouch devices (3rd generation onward).

Our game is a 3D turn-based strategy game with great graphics and even better gameplay.

The world of “Altland” is the place the story happens - like in our first game “Companions”  - a fantasy world we created, crawling with strange creatures and enemies and allies alike. The “smuttlewerkers” put more than half a years work into it and tried (and hopefully accomplished) to create a unique and fun experience.

Ralph, the co-Founder of smuttlewerk, and myself played a “SEGA Mega Drive II” game back in 1991/2 called “Warsong” (better known as “Langrisser” in Japan). I guess I played through the whole game (which was about 20 maps large) three or four times. We loved the game so much back in the days that we decided to bring a new, heavily altered version to iOS, set in our own universe of “Altland”.

Everyone who played the game thus far was thrilled by the way the game plays, looks and sounds. We’ve included three AI difficulty settings AND three “number of units” difficulty settings, so veterans and newcomers alike may have fun with our game. The combat system is easy to understand, yet challenges the player to use his brain.

On top of that the game has RPG elements. Your heroes level up, they use magic, you find items on the battlefield and you skill your heroes in different ways. Replayability is guaranteed.

Here’s the link to our youTube Trailer (I did the lyrics and sang the song, my partner Ralph made the music):


We thought a “power metal” approach would suit the game just fine. 

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