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Risen 2 - Interview @ PCR

by Aries100, 2012-01-20 21:52:00

There's an interview for this game over at side called PCR.   They've talked to Daniel Oberlechner from Deep Silver.  Not much new info about the game - so here's an interesting statement.

What do you think the market holds for PC games?

Traditionally, creating games is taking a bet that a specific group of people (aka the target audience) will buy your product when it lands on the shelves. You’ve got to have a certain product quality to be able to charge a specific price point, which in turn makes it necessary to look for a publisher to invest into you and your idea. Depending on the case, the publisher provides also deeper insights into the market with market research and experience (very much like a business angel advises on how to manage a startup). Nowadays, small developers are not required to hit the entry barrier of the retail market anymore because the internet and big content delivery systems like Steam or iTunes enable them to get into direct contact with the consumer without the middle man. This fosters experiments and created the wave of indie games we’ve seen lately. Brand loyalty is a direct consequence of knowing the people behind the product – it’s very hard to be loyal to an anonymous brand without a face, which is why even bigger companies have to step into social media and engage with their consumers.

Source: RPG Codex

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