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Age of Decadence - January Update

by Aries100, 2012-01-30 19:04:01

Iron Tower Studios has posted the changes, fixes and improvement made to this game in a changelog here. They have all been made during the game's development in the latest three months. The changelog is too long to post, so I'll list some of the improvements:


- Improved the look of the shanty town and the slums.

- If you leave the mine outpost before killing everyone, they will regroup and barricade the entrance.

- Added the "pickpocket" side story.

- Added the "refugees" side story.

- Added the "tower cellar" side story.

- Added the "shanty town" side story.

- Better transitions in Flavius quest.

- Better transitions in the goblet quest.

- The PC now walks to his objective when you click on it (doors, npcs) instead of being "too far away".

- Added fluff dialogue with TG members.

- Added a new skin type with Tattoos.

- Added the "merchant" side story.

- Added fluff dialogue with Zenon of the MG.

- Added a way to investigate Feng's house back room, and a reaction if you are found.

- Added the "preacher" side-story.

- Better camera for the storyteller.

- Added lots of filler NPCs.


Source: GameBanshee

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