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Vanguard: Caravan Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 2006-09-11 22:18:00
Ten Ton Hammer serves up a Vanguard interview with focus on travel. Here's the intro question:
[Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer]: Caravans seem to be one of the more mysterious and least understood travel features in Vanguard. We know that caravans will allow groups of players to remain together even when some of those players are offline. Can you explain the basics of how the caravan system is intended to work?

[Vince Napoli]: The caravan system is rather simple. Through a tiny element in our UI, group leaders will be able to form a caravan by inviting their members to join them much like they do to form a group.

Once you have accepted an invitation to join a caravan, you are free to log your character out at any location you desire.

When you return to the game, you will be presented with two options:

1. Log in exactly where you logged out previously, or
2. Log in at your caravan leader's bind point.

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