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Dead Island - Review Ryder White DLC

by Aries100, 2012-02-06 20:13:37

A couple of reviews for this DLC has been penned, first by Eurogamer 2/10 and then by
Official Xbox Magazine 5/10

A sample from the Eurogamer review.

But at least there are the RPG elements, right? Levelling up the characters, filling out their skill trees, moulding your preferred zombie-mangling warrior - this was what gave the game's insipid fetch-quests some meaning. By providing a through-line from start to end, the meta-game of self-improvement rescued what could have been a ropey FPS and made it something interesting, if not polished.

Inevitably, all of that has gone. Ryder White is a character with a fixed player level and no skill tree. The crafting system remains, with a handful of mediocre jerry-rigged weapons to build, but since nothing from this DLC carries over into the main game, there's no incentive to seek them out.

And a sample from the OXM review.

Unfortunately, as a shooter, Ryder White is a sluggish and unwieldy experience. Aiming and shooting in general proves to be horribly unresponsive once you engage Dead Island’s living enemies: exchanging fire with other humans is alarmingly inaccurate in that you’re mostly just firing in their general direction and hoping to hit something, rather than using cover and precision to strategically take them out. Even more disappointing, the new campaign is also plagued with some glitches, such as one where you occasionally can’t pick up new guns even if you have empty slots in your inventory.

Source: GameBanshee

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