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Legend of Grimrock - Compatibility Test

by Dhruin, 2012-02-10 21:10:32

Big news for the legion of Grimrock fans we have: Almost Human has released a compatibility test to see how the game is going with hardware compatibility. You can download via the torrent link below and, obviously, this gives you the opportunity to taste the game - although there is no "gamplay" - just the chance to look around, as I understand it:

Legend of Grimrock is, little by little, getting closer to completion but we are starting to have some serious night terrors about the game not running properly on the computers it should run on! But now you have the opportunity to help us sleep better! We’ve made a test build that you can download, install and run (and then later on uninstall) to see if the game starts and take a look if everything looks normal. Just to be clear, there’s no gameplay of any kind in the build, unless you are exceptionally easily amused, and probably everything works just like it should work… But in case the build doesn’t work or something just doesn’t “seem right” you should let us know by dropping a line to:

In the mail, you should describe what happened and tell us the specs of your computer like your OS, amount of memory and what is your display adapter. Also, if an error pop-up is displayed we generate an error.log file that you should attach to the mail. The error describes where the log file is saved so take notice! :)

The bare minimum requirements to run this test is Windows XP SP2 or above and a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with pixel shader 3.0 support. Thank you for helping!

Update: we now have a torrent available!

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