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Jagged Alliance 3D: Cancellation Interview @ AG.ru

by Dhruin, 2006-09-12 12:18:00
A fascinating interview on the cancellation of MiSTland South's Jagged Alliance 3D, which was recently canned by Stategy First (story), is online at AG.ru. The conversation features surprisingly frank comments from MiSTland's Vitaly Shutov and Strategy First's Richard Therrien, who are often in open disagreement, clearly exposing the confusion and ineptitude surrounding the project. Here's a sample:
AG: Who came up with the idea of having JA3D in real-time with "smart pause"? Also, there were rumblings about using phase-based combat [like in ALFA or Combat Mission]. Was it actually on the board, given the fact that early incarnations of JA3D used a modified version of ALFA: Antiterror's engine?

VS: We had no plans to have phase-based battles in JA3D. The uncertainty with gameplay modes began when SFI filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. During that time, the game switched several coordinators at Strategy First. Sometimes a person would write us a letter and then leave for another company shortly thereafter. We felt the project was almost on hold, because the news we were receiving contradicted each other. It was hard to tell what game we were making and for whom.

RT: I can't say who actually came up with the idea. All I can say is that I made it clear from the beginning that it was out of question. Initially, the game was supposed to be built over a modified Cops engine, at least which is what I was told. The choice to move over to a modified ALFA engine was even a surprise to me at the time and I do not believe I was all that comfortable with the idea. They were the ones who knew about their technology so I let them decide on this.

In any case, the only base I imagined that could be useful for a conversion to Jagged Alliance 3D would have rested in the rendering engine, not the logic, not the interface nor any other related game structure.

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