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JA: Back in Action - Patch 1.05 Released

by Gorath, 2012-02-14 18:52:06

bitComposer and Coreplay released the next patch for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

 V 1.05
- Fixed some doors still not being open after loading a saved game that was created in command mode
- Updated Spanish world event messages
- Fixed crashes on worldmap in french, italian and spanish language
- Loading a savegame that was suffering from the invisible location bug (V 1.00 and prior) fixes display of location icon
- LOD for ground texture baking, reduced required video memory for texture baking
- Killcam option is saved globally, not in savegame
- Material of metal fences does not block cursor anymore

 A content patch is in the pipeline, but no release date is known yet.

From the rumor mill: The possibility of re-integrating FoW is being looked into. A decision for or against it will be made within a week or so.

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