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JA: Back in Action - Patch 1.06 Available

by Gorath, 2012-02-14 23:28:17

Only 24 hours after the last patch bitComposer updated Jagged Alliance: Back in Action to v1.06.

 V 1.06

- Fixed tank explosion played in a loop
- Fixed target for repair / heal not being accessible for mechanic / healer
- Cone preview is visible when changing stance or turning merc in command mode
- Additional target points on torso and head added to make aiming more flexible and critical headshots being less likely
- Fixed locations being inaccessible when defender count is zero
- Fixed crashes on combat start due to level loading without adding player squad
- Enforcing low terrain quality mode when free graphics card memory in high quality mode would be below 128MB
- Fixed tooltips on character portraits and quickslots
- Fixed blocked path on Overland_11

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