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Mage Knight: Apocalypse - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2006-09-12 12:35:00
Another item from Worthplaying as they take a look at Mage Knight: Apocalypse -
The gameplay of the preview build is entirely reminiscent of that great classic title, with a strong focus on dungeon crawling and item collection. Indeed, in this early version, so much outstanding gear drops that much of my time was spent juggling it in and out of my extremely limited backpack slots. Also like Diablo,Mage Knight features an item improvement scheme in the vein of the item gems. Each item found in MK has three sockets, in which certain stones can be placed to increase that weapon's stats. These stones interact with each other in peculiar ways; for instance, a Death stone and a Fire stone will not only add Death and Fire damage to a weapon, but they may add a small percentage of a chance to cause fear as well. The best thing about the system is that, at least in the preview version, the stones can be removed from the item should you find a better one later, so that stones can be reused indefinitely.

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