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JA: Back in Action - Release Retail in North America

by Aries100, 2012-02-15 22:45:06

According to the press release, courtesy of Gamebanshee, you can now get this game at retail stores across North America.  I'll quote a bit from it as it too long to post in its entirety, a snip from it:

Ridgewood, NJ, February 14, 2011 – Kalypso Media is pleased to announce the release of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action to North American retail outlets today. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the latest in the much-loved series of military-themed tactical games will challenge players to run their own Private Military Corporation, managing everything from recruiting and equipping mercenaries to commanding troops in boots-on-the-ground combat. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is available for $39.99 USD and has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB. For more information about the game, please visit www.jaggedalliance.com/en. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action takes players to the fictitious country of Arulco, where a ruthless dictator has seized power and only a small group of rebels stand to resist her. Tasked with freeing the island from the dictator’s iron grip, players will command rebel and mercenary forces while using tactical and economic tools to keep troops supplied and ready for the next flight, all while commanding them directly in nail-biting battles.

Source: GameBanshee

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