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Krater - Interview @ GamElitist

by Aries100, 2012-02-20 20:52:26

An interview with Martin Wahlund, CEO and executive producer, for this game can be at GamElitist.  Subjects include how the pre-alpha build has been received by players, how Syndicate and X-COM inspired them, the importance of managing your party, , and much more:

Episode Two of Krater, Pledge of the Patriarch is due out in Q3 2012. How important is storytelling to Krater and can we expect more episodic DLC in short intervals?

Martin: Storytelling is very important in Krater. We want to build a world that people can explore.

In the pre-alpha build we only have a few quests but not the main story. We are aiming for releasing content in regular intervals. Expect a variety of updates; everything from the large episodic expansions to really small updates that might contain just a few new skills, quests, items, or what we feel is needed at the time. Our vision of the game will for sure not be fulfilled when we release the game at first. We want to build on Krater in the long run. There are so many things we want to get into the game that it’s impossible to even get half of it into our initial release. We have to work in iterations if we don’t want to wait another two years for the game’s release.

Source: GameBanshee

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