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InXile Entertainment - Wasteland 2 Tidbits

by Dhruin, 2012-02-21 12:43:44

Some quick tidbits from Brian Fargo's twitter. First, while it's not a confirmation, Fargo seems positive towards turn-based gaming in response to a question from "Taxonomic":


@BrianFargo as a fan of wasteland, and someone disappointed with the lack of turn based crpgs, I'd like to see a proper #wasteland2.

Brian Fargo

@Taxonomic Here here... Nothing beats the tactics of a good ole turn based party game.

Looks like Fargo is having fun with the idea, so far:

It's been a blast to only work on Wasteland this weekend. Writing docs, doing research, talking to writers, listening to music.

...and confirmation of a full box, docs and map version:

It looks like a few of you have figured out one of the tier awards. The $50 tier gets full box, docs and maps the way games used to be.

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