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Wasteland 2 - MCA's Thoughts and More

by Dhruin, 2012-02-22 08:39:27

Chris Avellone has posted his own thoughts about the idea of a Kickstartered Wasteland 2 on his Obsidian blog:

In short, I’d kill for another Wasteland.

Not just because it was a post-apocalyptic RPG, but because it did so much that was refreshingly new with conventional tech, something that Fallout did as well, and there’s a big lesson to be learned there.

I’m a big fan of using non-video-card-and-non-engine-innovations to drive development, and sometimes it only requires stepping back a second and taking a fresh look at the game to pull it off – as an example, my favorite example of non-tech innovation is low-INT dialogue options in Fallout. Brilliant. Wasteland did the exact same thing, except with skill progression and location setting – it allowed your character to grow in new ways, and it took you to places in its low-rez world that I haven’t seen rivaled or done half as well in contemporary games.

No doubt he'll also be interested in terms of any possible Obsidian project, as well.

While we're at it, IGN has a feature called Fallout's Forgotten Ancestor:

As primitive as this top-down affair looks nearly a quarter of a century down the line, at the time it was the Mad Max-meets-The Terminator game of my dreams. Next to the side-scrolling platformers and shooters that littered the scene, Wasteland was comfortably one of the most ambitious titles around. By building on the groundbreaking Bard's Tale titles in spectacular style, Interplay constructed a persistent openworld environment that gave the game a credible sense of place that few others could match.

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