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InXile Entertainment - Interview with Fargo on Venture Beat

by Aries100, 2012-02-23 19:46:54

Venture Beat has an interview with Brian Fargo on crowd-funding and how it may help mid-size developers.  A quote from Fargo about this:

InXile has a variety of properties that could use funding and 15 employees. Fargo shopped Wasteland around to publishers, but they were risk averse and really wanted to games that had a chance to rake in $1 billion in sales. If he does the project on his own, Fargo can make the game edgier, with a gritty world full of moral dilemmas for the players. “The game industry has separated itself into the huge blockbuster companies and the independent developers in their garages,” Fargo said. “But it’s pretty hard to be in the middle. Is there any business model left standing for the mid-size developers?”

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