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King Arthur II - Review @ Game Over

by Dhruin, 2012-02-23 20:38:13

King Arthur II continues to take a beating in reviews with Game Over's critique resulting in a score of 65%:

Remember the "choose your own adventure" line of books? Many RPG developers would credit them as one of the sources of modern RPG storytelling. Neocore took that inspiration a bit literally, as King Arthur 2 is basically a computerize version of those books. A large portion of the game consists of moving your hero to a scroll icon on the map and listening to a gravelly-voiced man lead you through an adventure story. After each scene, you are asked to make a decision: do you talk to the hermit druid or the pious monk? Do you attack an enemy encampment from the front or the rear? Each decision you make takes the narrative in a (very slightly) different direction and every so often it ends in a real battle. Don't get me wrong, the writing is decent and very descriptive, but if I wanted to listen to a fantasy audio book, I would go download A Game of Thrones. I play games to be part of the story, not a silent observer. 

Source: Blues News

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