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Mass Effect 3 - Review in Progress and More

by Dhruin, 2012-02-25 21:41:28

IGN has a review-in-progress for Mass Effect 3 that will be spread over several entries, just like they did with Reckoning. As you'd expect this is very positive - though the author seems able to ignore some significant issues:

It's also worth noting that a few technical issues arise on the PS3 version as soon as you start playing, too. Fairly serious framerate issues plague the opening cinematic on Earth, and while this particular problem clears up as you play further through the game via future cutscenes, these hitches certainly concerned me early on. Likewise, lip-syncing is almost always off and characters sometimes appear stiff and can even flicker in and out of cutscenes when camera angles change. 

The good news is that these problems don't injure a title that relies almost entirely on its otherwise top-notch presentation. If you can get past these sorts of aesthetical hiccups, you'll find a title drowning in a deep, well-fleshed out story surrounded by intriguing characters, both familiar and unfamiliar. Remember that the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 also had their own technical problems -- long load times and some severe texture pop-in, for instance -- but that those problems didn't at all erode away the overall story-driven experience. 

IGN also has a video of the first mission after the demo - Mars.

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