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Mass Effect 3 - Impressions from the Doctor - Ray Myzyka

by Aries100, 2012-02-26 17:09:47

Bioware's co-founder Ray Myzyka has talked to Kotaku about the game.   Before he talked to Kotaku he played the game and obviously he is proud of ME3. A quote about how the rpg and shooter elements have blended:

A lot of the [series'] elements have been refined: the progression system, having a weapon bench so you can tinker with your weapon and mod them, it's really fun. It's cool. The mining experience… using it to find materials that are required for quests. It links together really well. The multiplayer, the way it's integrated in and the seamless way it helps amp up your galactic readiness and gives you more resources to build your fleet, your alliance against the Reapers. They're very thoughtful the way they're apportioned and is building on a foundation from ME 1. I think it's really taking the best of what we've seen and added significant elements of innovation too.

In other ME3 news, we can now pre-order the From Ashes dlc for the PS3 and the
Xbox 360 systems at Gamestop. You can watch screenshots as well as the box at GameBanshee.



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