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Age of Decadence - February Update

by Dhruin, 2012-02-27 09:58:49

Vince has posted the February update for The Age of Decadence, saying the wait is almost over for the demo release. Here's the entire post but head over for a couple of new screens that feature the updated (and very nice) minimal UI:

Short version: the wait is almost over; the demo will be released in 2 weeks.

Long version: I’ve just realized that it’s been seven months since we’ve started testing. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, that the fall and the winter seasons are already over. You get so focused on daily tasks, which pile up faster than you can handle them, that you don't really notice how fast time flies. You look back, but you don't really feel it. Only when you actually count the months, you realize - in shock - how long it's taken.

So, 7 months, 1,900 posts in the beta forums, and 12 builds later (Oscar has just uploaded a new update), we're getting ready to release the demo - as public beta - to our audience.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank our testers (whom I really can't thank enough). Their input has kept us very busy all these months, kept us working/reworking/tweaking/adding/fixing/breaking shit accidentally and fixing again. Looking back, I realize that back in August we gave the testers a very flawed game and they helped us turn it into a game that we're proud to give you now. It's not perfect in any way, but it's solid.

There were a lot of great ideas and suggestions and I wish we could implement them all, but there is only so much four people can do, even in seven months. Special thanks to people who have encouraged us to take more time to get it right.

I hope you’ll enjoy the game. 

Thanks to Capt. Huggy Face for sending it in and GhanBuriGhan on our forums.

While we're on AoD, Garthak sent in a Russian preview from Core-RPG.ru. If your Russian is a little rusty like mine, you can try a Google translation

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