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JA: Back in Action - RPS Verdict

by Dhruin, 2012-02-27 20:47:06

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a group verdict on Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, with Alec and Adam concluding the game is a "missed opportunity":

Adam: Yeah, there could be a lot more done with the RPG and strategy aspects on that front. One of the neat things in JA2 was having a trainer character and leaving them to buff up the militia. Not only making them stronger over time but also becoming a kind of leader for that group. I never felt particularly attached to the mercs, in terms of their individual skills and some of that goes back to those c4 spots as well. The maps feel more like puzzles – a merc of this type would be useful for this part, this sort of equipment would help to unlock this room and so forth. Despite all the dialogue, they felt more like tools than people. And the militia felt more like numbers.

Alec: yeah, I didn’t have any sense of my guys’ personalities. Just ‘The One Who’s A Bit Better At Shooting’, ‘The One Who’s A Bit Better At Healing’ and so forth. But then it does have assorted fun customisation like hats and glasses, so you can at least design them to suit your own weird urges. I enjoyed that there was one guy who was crap at any kind of range unless you’d stuck a pair of glasses on him.

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