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The Witcher 2 - Interview @ Gaming Nexus

by Dhruin, 2012-03-01 20:15:28

CDPR's Adam Badowski has spoken with Gaming Nexus about the X360 release of The Witcher 2:

Was there ever any thought to holding the PC version off until the 360 version was ready?
No. But in our development plans our next large titles will be released at the same time for at least two platforms.

Is the content of the 360 the same as the PC version? Did you feel like you had to censor any of the content of the console version?
No. We have not censored anything. Xbox players will get the same mature, non-linear and complex story PC gamers got. We’ve made moral gray areas a trademark of the Witcher series. Players face tough, morally difficult decisions. The consequences of these are substantial and permeate the game world.

Also, all of the new in-game content from the Xbox 360 Enhanced Edition will be made available free of charge to current PC users. All the movies and gameplay for free. As you can see, PC players are still on our minds, and we have not forgotten about our fans.

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