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The Bard's Tale III - Updates @ CRPG Addict

by Dhruin, 2012-03-05 20:45:03

The CRPG Addict has wrapped up playing The Bard's Tale III with updates titled The Age of Aggression is Just About Done and Swan Song:

Like many games on my list, The Bard's Tale III might have been reasonably fun to play, map, and win when I was 15, didn't have any other responsibilities, and only bought one game every three or four months. It isn't addictive enough for modern gamers. Despite an interesting premise, the worlds are too empty, the gameplay too long, the mapping too unrewarding. I've quit a lot of games because of bad interfaces, or absurd difficulty, or inadequate documentation; this is one of the few that I've quit because I was just bored.

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