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InXile Entertainment - Wasteland 2 Interview # 2 @ RPG Codex

by Aries100, 2012-03-06 10:50:21

RPG Codex has released the second interview on Wasteland 2.  This time they have talked with Michael A. Stackpoole. They talk about the character and design system behind the original Wasteland, the puzzles in the original Wasteland, how conversations might work in Wasteland 2 as well as Stackpooles opinion on quest markers. And much more.

A quote about the rule system:

- Like many of the classics, Wasteland's rule system and design borrowed heavily from pen and paper RPGs. Given that current cRPGs seem to be influenced more by other video games instead, should Wasteland 2 be as firmly rooted in P&P as its predecessor?

MS: The fact that Wasteland was and will be a turn-based system means that P&P style rules and systems can work very well. We start from that basis and build a killer engine. That the designers with system design can do fairly easily, especially working from what we already have. After that, we have scenario designers who use those tools to create the adventures. What Wasteland had that a lot of RPGs lack today is depth and consequence. I firmly believe that's something that can be taught to designers, and encouraged in the development phases by editors. In short, designers will pick up the skills to create a game worthy of the Wasteland legacy.

Thanks Crooked Bee.

Source: RPG Codex

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