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Fallout - Tim Cain On What Could Have Been [Updated]

by Dhruin, 2012-03-08 22:45:51

Kotaku reports on a Tim Cain presentation at GDC that talks about what Fallout could have been, as well as talking about the actual development. Here's the bizarre storyline we might have played:

In a Fallout post-mortem at the Game Developers Conference, Tim Cain, the producer, designer and lead programmer described an alternate version of the game’s story that could have come to be a reality.

“You started in the modern world,” Cain said. “You traveled back in time, you killed the monkey that would evolve into humans, you went through space travel, you went to the future, which was ruled by dinosaurs, you were exiled to a fantasy planet where magic took you back to the original timeline that you restored to full, and came back to the modern world to save your girlfriend.”

Update: Watch the whole session here courtesy of GameSpot UK.

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