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Legend of Grimrock - Release Candidate 1

by Dhruin, 2012-03-09 21:35:03

Almost Human has hit a new milestone for Grimrock, with RC1 built during the week:

Well, the game is almost done. And amazingly, it’s still pretty entertaining even for me to wander in the hallways and fight some monsters and solve puzzles even though by this point I should already be seriously overdosed by the game. And some of our friends who have been testing the game have already played the game through twice or more! Needless to say, all of this seems very promising to us and we hope the game will find its audience when it is released in April. :D

Oh, and what was it specifically that I meant by the game being “almost done”? Well, we’re no longer in beta, baby! On wednesday, we built the RC1, or release candidate 1, version of the game. This means that we “freeze” the development of the game (by stopping adding new features, basically) and start concentrating entirely on getting the game as stable as possible for the release. If something pops up that absolutely needs to be added to the game, it’s quite possible that we’ll have to wait until we do an update. Among the last things we improved on the game were: additional polishing of some of the GUI elements, save/load game dialog overhaul, some improved monster animations and miscellaneous level tweaks. I know the list of changes doesn’t look that impressive or sexy at this point but we needed to move carefully so we wouldn’t introduce any new bugs.

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