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Dishonored - First In-Game Footage

by Dhruin, 2012-03-12 20:51:26

Bethsoft recently held a press event for Arkane's Dishonored, so expect a flurry of previews. For the moment, however, GameSpot has exclusivity on the first in-game footage with a 6-minute video interview featuring several gameplay segments. From the accompanying preview:

Between each mission, you're dropped into a hub world where you can upgrade your equipment and powers--and boy, are there a lot of powers to choose from. You can launch fire and ice attacks, summon a plague of rats, instantly teleport over short distances, possess people and animals, slow down time Max Payne-style, see through walls, and master a range of weapons including a crossbow, pistol, and the deliciously gory Spring Razor. This range of powers is combined with a level design that does its best not to restrict you in any way; if you see a great sniping spot on top of a roof or a distant vent that would simply be part of scenery in a lesser game, chances are you can get there and use it.

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