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Telepath: SoG - Reviews and Interview

by Dhruin, 2012-03-14 22:19:24

Craig Stern from Sinister Design sends word of a few articles about their recently released game, Telepath RPG: Servants of God. First, The Indie Mine has a short review where the author finds the game takes a while to get into and the price is high. Disappointingly, he spends little time actually talking about the gameplay but the score of 4/5 is promising:

It isn’t often that you’re treated to decent voice acting in an indie title. Telepath RPG: Servants of God, by Sinister Design, breaks this mold in a pleasant fashion. With a lengthy text based story, the game aims to keep your attention by letting you listen rather than read. The voice acting is performed superbly, especially for the character Arman, but that will do little for the gamer who isn’t going to invest in the story. This game requires player immersion to appreciate all it has to offer.

The top-down camera style is upheld throughout and supported by excellent hand-drawn watercolor pictures. Character animations seem basic both in and out of battle, but the environments, accompanied by pleasant music, are lush with detail when combined with appealing flash-style graphics. I was highly entertained by traversing in a world akin to Disney’s Aladdin… if only I could have found a magic flying carpet!

There's also an Italian review at The Indie Shelter. A quote via Google translate:

It is precisely the characteristic of being able to use this 'Gift', together with the presence of great conversations and exhortations to interact with other NPCs, which makes Telepath RPG a rare gem, especially considering that it was entirely conceived by the mind of one person. The possibility of resolution for the quests are often at least three, without considering the larger number of 'rewards', or better effects, arising from compatible choices. And the interesting thing is that we speak either of the main quest, but most of all quests.

...and webzine Day Old Stubble has impressions and a transcript of a Skype interview.

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