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JA: Back in Action - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2012-03-15 20:39:13

GameBanshee has a review of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. No score as usual for them but the reaction was lukewarm, with "sloppiness" and "neutered mercenaries" taking their toll:

In theory at least, Back in Action should work, as it uses mostly the same formula as Jagged Alliance 2, just with some nods to current conventions.  The problem the game has is that bugs and sloppiness abound, to the point where I wonder if it was even playtested.  Consider something "simple" like the camera controls.  You can only rotate the camera by pressing the alt key and moving the mouse, and you can only change the pitch by zooming in.  That makes adjusting your view awkward at best, and because you can only target enemies you can see with the camera (as opposed to see with your mercenaries), it becomes almost impossible to issue orders when your mercenaries are outside and enemies are inside, which happens all the time.

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