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Rampant Games - Indie RPG News

by Dhruin, 2012-03-15 20:51:10

Jay Barnson has kicked up a new Indie RPG Roundup, posting on an impressive collection of indie projects. We track a lot of them but there are plenty of other projects - essential reading for indie fans. A snip:

Darklight Dungeon: Eternity – Have I mentioned recently that this game has been released? It’s been out a few weeks. I’m still playing, though I have only gotten a little over a tenth of the way through this 50-level dungeon crawler. And I’ve been slaughtered by Asmodeus. Yeah. That’s old-school. It’s a great little game to just do some hacking and slashing with for fifteen minutes at a time.

Blood Rune – In the style of the old “Gold Box” D&D games, this indie RPG switches from first-person view to an isometric view for combat. It’s taking the approach of using smaller adventure “modules” rather than a single, giant campaign. I like the idea a lot. I’ve considered something like that many a time. I have high hopes that this one will see the light of day.

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