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Legend of Grimrock - Release Candidate 3

by Dhruin, 2012-03-16 23:49:51

Here's a snip from the weekly Grimrock update:

Wait, what happened to release candidate 2? Well, we have been busy working day and night and we actually did two releases this week. :-D The latest build or “RC3″ as we like to call it has now been sent to testers and if any issues are not found in the next couple of days this will be the gold build! Fingers crossed!

So, what has happened this week? Juho has been working on the trailer and it’s progressing well. Next week we’ll hand it over to Stakula, our man in charge of music production. Besides starring in a super secret video, Antti has been working on the installer and he has also been making so many builds this week that we lost count. I actually had to do a dubious deal with Antti, saying something along the lines of “if we have to do yet another new build before releasing the game, I owe Antti a beer, not just any kind of beer but some really nice imported beer.” Antti actually forced me to write this down on paper with my signature on it and he stored the paper somewhere in a secure place.

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