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Wasteland 2 - PayPal Donations now Possible!

by Gorath, 2012-03-24 14:22:59

inXile Entertainment opened up a secondary donation option for people who would like to donate for Wasteland 2 but can't use Kickstarter. It's now possible to use PayPal too. The procedure is a bit different though, probably because PayPal is only a payment provider, not a project funding platform:

Donate via PayPal

If you are unable to provide a donation through Kickstarter (you do not have a credit card), we offer the ability to make your donation though PayPal. Please be aware of the follow conditions as donating through PayPal requires us to  manage your rewards a little differently.

PayPal Terms & Conditions

- Unlike Kickstarter, PayPal will debit your account immediately. Please ensure you have all funds available. Since the Kickstarter project is 100% funded, development of Wasteland 2 is assured.
- International orders must choose from the option for shipment to International destinations if you will be receiving any physical rewards. A $15 US additional charge has been added for shipping and handling.
- Unlike Kickstarter, we are not able to compound multiple donations to achieve a reward at a higher tier. The donation you are making now can not be increased at a later date. Please ensure the reward tier you are donating to is your definite choice of support.
- We are unable to provide donation rewards beyond the $500 tier through PayPal. For rewards beyond $500, you will need to place your donation through Kickstarter.
- If you have any questions, please contact inXile entertainment through our online support form.

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