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Grim Dawn - If we had more money...

by Dhruin, 2012-03-27 23:45:44

A post on the Crate forums gives some thought-bubble examples of the things they could do with Grim Dawn if their Kickstarter really succeeded. And I mean "really":


  • More equipment, enemies, and quests!
  • More quests with meaningful choices
  • Dual-wield pistols


  • MORE equipment, enemies, and quests!
  • Additional randomly generated quests for endless adventure
  • Two-handed melee weapons
  • Larger world with a couple extra environments
  • Translation to EFIGS
  • Intro voice-over for all main quest dialog


  • EVEN MOAR! Equipment, quests, enemies!
  • More sandbox and faction based gameplay elements
  • Additional larger quest-lines with alternate endings
  • An animated story intro for the game
  • Full voice-over for main quests
  • Intro Voice-over for side-quests and most NPC dialog

Head over for tiers going up to $4.5M+

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