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Grim Dawn - State of the Game Address

by Dhruin, 2012-03-31 01:01:45

After the previous "how much money can we get?" post was apparently misinterpreted, Crate has re-approached from a different angle. This State of the Game Address on the Grim Dawn forums outlines their current development position in detail. A small sample:

Where is the game at?

As you can see from the Occultist video, the gameplay is well developed and already quite fun. Balance is fairly good for an alpha. Physics, pathing, and all of those sort of underlying systems are in reasonable shape but could use polish. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough playable or content to constitute an alpha quite yet. More on that below. Major UI is all working, although the art could use some love.

This is probably the single most significant effort left before we can release the full game. We have an area almost finished that would probably provide about 2-4 hours of gameplay that is probably sufficient for the alpha. There is a much larger expanse of world beyond that, which is laid out but in varying levels of completion. Finally, there are areas we've planned even further out that don't yet exist.

I put together a quick little progress-map using a shot of the actual levels taken from the editor layout mode to help illustrate this.

The green areas are the mostly finished levels. This is probably about large enough for us to begin the alpha with once we finish adding the quests, close off the exits into unplayable area, and tidy it up. As I said, this is probably about 2-4 hours but could grow once it has some questing. It can also currently be replayed up to level 30 since I haven't put the enemy level cap on the starting area yet. [...]

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