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Game of Thrones - Preview, Interview

by Dhruin, 2012-04-04 00:35:14

VGI has a preview of the combat in Game of Thrones, with the article heavily built around screens of the classes. It looks like this piece was based off the recently released combat video but if you haven't watched that, this might be worth a read:

This is the assassin class, mixing medium armour with swords (single handed), hammers and daggers.

Water Dancer

This class features the style of Braavosi sword fighting (Arya's 'dancing teacher') and will dance around their opponents in light armour while using swords, blunt projectiles and daggers.

Over at Joystiq are comments from George R. R. Martin on translating a book into a game:

"The entire game was written by Cyanide, including the plot and character dialogue. But I did have creative input at many points during the process," Martin told Joystiq. When he met with members of Cyanide to review the game's design document, he made sure that the experience wouldn't break canon. "What they're doing is a parallel story to some of the early events in Ice and Fire, so my primary concern was that nothing in the game altered the events in the books."

This is meant to be as much of a benefit to the player as it is to the writer. In order to be canonical, gamers would be forced onto a narrative rail so as not to break anything Martin has built in the longstanding series. "That would certainly make a game less fun," Martin admits. "Players need to feel like their decisions matter." The similar can be said for writers, whose creativity can stem from the ability to remain independent of the actions of others. "Games can be a really fun way to interact with a literary world, but I can't imagine any writer wants to then be shackled to events or decisions made in the game."

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