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Two Worlds II - Free MP DLC

by Dhruin, 2012-04-06 00:55:09

Huh, didn't expect more for Two Worlds II. TopWare has anounced a free multiplayer DLC for Two Worlds II offering a new MP mode and five maps to play:

Two Worlds 2 offers free DLC with a new Multiplayer mode and 5 maps for Easter weekend!

+++ Defense Mode arrives after demands from the community+++

Karlsruhe, Germany, 5th April 2012 – TopWare Interactive is presenting a special gift for all the loyal fans and players of Two Worlds 2. A new mutliplayer game mode, including five brand new maps, is now available on http://www.twoworlds2.com.

In this new Defense Mode, the old-school gameplay of classic castle-defense games is given new life. Since 1992 this gameplay mechanic has never degraded of its addictiveness and interest to gamers worldwide. Now, in Two Worlds 2, the game-design has been pushed forward once more. The player must team-up and defend Gandohar - the main villain of the Two Worlds 2 campaign - against constant waves of AI enemies. Tactical moves and solid teamwork, while using all the necessary skills, is paramount to survive these thrilling battles.

Alexandra Constandache CEO TopWare Interactive Inc. : “TopWare Interactive wants to push the idea of real-time, online, role play gaming a step further and has implemented this in the new Defense-Mode. We’ve had a ton of feedback from our community, asking for a gameplay mode that combines the classic style known from our Castle Defense game, but with all the features of a 3D action role playing game. We want to thank the fans for their immense feedback and let them know that they’re the reason why we’re releasing the DLC for free. We’re always eager for any and all feedback that can help us to make our games even better.”

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Two Worlds 2, the demo version of the Chapter Edition is ready for download here: www.twoworlds2.com Take a peek into the vast world of Antaloor!

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