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The Banner Saga - Update #6

by Dhruin, 2012-04-06 23:39:24

As The Banner Saga passes $400k in their Kickstarter efforts, Stoic has posted a huge update with some star-studded talent coming onboard. Austin Wintory will will provide music (Journey), Kpow Audio (L.A. Noire) will provide sound, Powerhouse Animation (Epic Mickey) will do some work, iPad and Linux clients are confirmed and more:

  • We've done the concept work for each of the major characters in our first release, some of which you can see in the above piece of concept art. This is the sort of production piece you'll see in the collector's edition art book. We'll be talking more about the history of these races soon!
  • Now that design is done we'll be spending the majority of next week filming character animations and getting them ready to be animated into the game.
  • We continue to refine our many interface elements and adjust numbers in combat for our working prototype.
  • Now that we've gotten the green light on working with all these incredible artists we're setting up the framework to integrate their work (no small endeavor) and let them work at their full potential!

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