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BioWare - Laidlaw on the next Dragon Age game

by Dhruin, 2012-04-08 03:22:20

Gametrailers reports on a presentation from BioWare's Mike Laidlaw at PAX East about the next Dragon Age game. Laidlaw discusses several items but warns "we're not making promises here, we're talking about ideas". For my money, most of the "ideas" are minor elements and there is little discussion of the core issues but here is a sample:

"Suppose, in your party, you have a Gray Warden. And suppose you had a Seeker," he said, showing a male Gray Warden and female Seeker. "And you had this thing: a suit of armor, a chest piece, and it had stats and stuff."

Laidlaw showed that armor set applied to the Warden, then to the Seeker, in concept art form. The armor looked slightly different on each, with "thematic" aesthetic differences applied so "they don't lose their identity in the process." Laidlaw then showed a slew of concept art, with various armor pieces from helmets to shoulder guards to bracers, then full sets, each applied to the two different classes.

He also teased the possibility that players might be able to fully customize armor pieces, applying color and types of material (cloth, leather, mail) to armor sets.

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