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Risen 2 - Tomb Spider Bestiary Update

by Dhruin, 2012-04-12 00:52:55

The Tomb Spider has been added at the Risen 2 site:

The Tomb Spider lives in dark caves and dungeons below ancient ruins of Arborea. This monstrous creature digs into the hard earth of the endless of tunnels and maze corridors, waiting for their prey.

As soon as a potential and unsuspecting prey passes by, the Tomb Spider breaks out of the ground and faces the surprised victim with their massive body and long legs. The monster rips open their wide mouth with razor-sharp teeth and welcomes their future meal.
The Tomb Spider can parry attacks with their long hairy legs occupied with claws as well as attack surprisingly well from multiple directions at the same time.

Therefore, the Tomb Spider is not only a frightening enemy, but a deadly and unpredictable opponent!

So beware when you explore the world beneath the surface of Arborea, this is where the Tomb Spider lurks! 

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