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The Banner Saga - Update #7

by Dhruin, 2012-04-13 10:06:00

Stoic Studio has a new Kickstarter update as they head into the last week of their fundraising campaign for The Banner Saga. There's a new video focused on composer Austin Wintory (Flow, Journey) - they are aiming for a full-blown orchestral score and have added new music-related reward categories, with the proceeds of those pledges going directly to the music:

This is it, fans of strategy, story, art... and music: our last week on Kickstarter. Your constant support throughout the campaign has been an experience none of us will ever forget, and we have you to thank. We've decided to pull out all the stops in this last week to make this the best version of the game we possibly can. Austin himself wanted to talk with all our supporters about his role as composer on The Banner Saga. Take a look.

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