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Torchlight II - ARPGs' Slow Evolution @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2012-04-16 23:02:59

Rock, Paper, Shotgun talks to Runic CEO Max Schaefer about the competition with Diablo III and the potential stagnation of the genre. Turns out the "launching one month after Diablo III" thing was a bit of a misunderstanding:

So, first up, that whole “release a month after Diablo” thing? That wasn’t exactly what he wanted people to take away from his spiel. Here’s what Schaefer told me:

“It was sort of a misunderstood comment. What we were really talking about there is if the release were to come simultaneously with Diablo, naturally we’d want to wait 30 days just to let the hype die down. The bottom line is we’re gonna work on the game until it’s at the stage we want it to be at and then release it – with the caveat that, if that happens right on top of Diablo, we’d give it a bit of a wide berth.”

“So it really wasn’t saying what we want to do is release a month after. We’re gonna work on the game until it’s to our satisfaction and then hopefully release it right away. I mean, we don’t want to sit on a game for any reason, and we don’t want to rush one out before we think it’s ready either.”

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