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The Banner Saga - Project Update #8

by Dhruin, 2012-04-17 13:12:33

The Banner Saga has sent out a Kickstarter update, offering clarification on the rewards ($562k, three days to run). An excerpt:

Hello, esteemed backers! Within the last few days, two very important things have happened to encourage this update: 1) We added a bunch of new prizes to our already many and varied prizes! and 2) We’ve gotten a lot of requests to clarify said prizes, and have been pointed to other kickstarter campaigns who have already done a similar update.

So, we’ve broken out each individual tier to tell you exactly what you get and address some of the common questions we get about them. We should mention this up front: regardless of whether you’ve changed your pledge or not, you will receive whichever prize you have selected when the campaign ends on April 20th.

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