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Wasteland 2 - Interview @ Gameplay.pl

by Dhruin, 2012-04-17 23:11:48

Polish site Gameplay.pl has an interview on Wasteland 2:

Szymon Liebert: You're going for the top-down view and (I guess) simple graphics. How important is the visual & audio side of the game?

Brian Fargo: The visuals and audio all center around the most important aspect and that is mood. You don't need a 1st person camera to be immersive. You need to set the stage with ambient music and sound, combat that moves quickly when it needs to, interesting decisions for the player to make and a strong sense of discovery. Nothing beats the experience of a game that wraps you up into its world and doesn't let you go.

NMA is putting together a Let's Play on the original Wasteland, if you never played it.

Source: No Mutants Allowed

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