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The Banner Saga - Update #10, $700k Passed

by Dhruin, 2012-04-20 23:17:14

Stoic Studio has kicked up a new update for The Banner Saga on Kickstarter - at the time, they had six hours to run and were nearing the $700k mark. As I write, there are two hours to go and that level has been comfortably passed, which adds player-owned cities in MP. From this last-hours-FAQ:

Won't porting to consoles dumb down the game, compromise the UI or take more time away from working on the game?
We started the game with the intention of porting to as many places as possible, which we say in the video and on the front page. Something that we could have messaged better is that we won't be porting anything until after chapter 1 is complete sometime at the end of the year. We're not doing simultaneous development, so we won't have anything to port until we have a finished first release. We do apologize about not making this more clear.

As for dumbing down the game or making the UI worse, we don't think that's true. The game as we pitched it is going to be the same on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad and consoles, the same as we originally envisioned it (at this point, better). The UI will be developed to work on our first release - PC and Mac - and then have to be converted for other platforms in the porting process. [..]

Why did you structure your goals music, then porting and content, then cities? I had to support something I didn't want to get something I did.
We set out the goals based on what would affect the most people. Music is something everyone will hear, ports and content are something a lot people requested, and the cities are for multiplayer. We needed to frontload the things we couldn't ship without, and cities are something we could add in later as funding becomes available. Our stretch goals were just that - extra - so rest assured nothing about them has changed the game we're already working on.

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