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Grim Dawn - Update #2, $146k

by Dhruin, 2012-04-22 00:02:59

Crate has posted a new Kickstarter update for Grim Dawn, having raised $146k in four days. A snip:

Wow, I can’t believe it; we’ve already passed the halfway point only 4 days into our Kickstarter project!  I want to thank and congratulate all of you because this is really your success more than it is ours.  You made this happen! The goodwill and encouragement I’ve seen in the last 4 days are beyond anything I expected.  Is this still the internets that I’m on? ; )

Having just passed 50% of our funding goal, many of you are already looking forward to a new, higher goal, even beyond the immediate one of full funding and have started asking what we could do if we had more money.  $450k seems like a good next target.  Though we’re plateauing out as expected, we seem to be on a good trajectory where I believe we can reach that goal if we can keep the momentum going.  We’re planning some new videos, more updates and a couple other things over the coming weeks to help make that happen on our side.

The most critical thing that I know everyone wants is more content.  There are some aspects of content development that are difficult to increase without extending our release, like class development.  However, most of content development can be laterally expanded with the help of more developers and art outsourcing, without impact the release date.  At $450k, we could bring on an additional designer, an artist and increase our outsourcing budget for equipment.

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