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Dark Messiah: Updated Preview @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2006-09-15 02:16:00
GameSpot is serving up an updated Dark Messiah preview offering "New Single-Player Details, Story, Gameplay". This time, GameSpot had the chance to play a later level:
We were able to play through a level that comes around midway through the game. At this point, you're far enough into the story to discover the truth behind the prophecy of the titular dark messiah, and your adventure takes you to the mysterious Temple of the Spider. In fact, you've picked up a couple of companions along the way. The first is Xana, the jealous guardian spirit who is fused to Sareth's spirit by his mentor, the mage Phenrig, to help protect him. The other is Leanna, the lovely young wizard of Stonehelm, and as you can probably guess, someone whom Xana takes an instant dislike to. Though Xana exists only as a voice in your head, Leanna is a comrade who can fight alongside you, using her magical powers to help in battle. At the same time, she must be protected, and a health meter on the screen lets you know her status at all times.

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