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Legends of Eisenwald - Kickstarter Campaign

by Dhruin, 2012-04-23 22:44:03

Aterdux Entertainment sent in the press release below, announcing a Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Eisenwald. The presser references King's Bounty, Mount & Blade and Disciples II and it appears they have completed a substantial part of the development. Interestingly, the Kickstarter page says the project is based in Belarus, which I thought Kickstarter didn't allow.

Aterdux Entertainment: Legends of Eisenwald

Independent game studio «Aterdux Entertainment» announced its new project Legends of Eisenwald – a role playing game with elements of strategy and turn based tactical battles.

The game can be described as Knight Errant simulator. A hero travels on a global map, conquers castles, receives tribute from villages and gather troops for his or her army. Main focus of the game is not on the economy but on battles and adventures. Fans of King’s Bounty and Mount-n-Blade will understand well what it is about.  

As for battles, creators of the game decided to solve what they perceive to be the main problem of turn based battles: lack of dynamics and slowness. For that reason they discarded “empty” movements without strikes. As a result, a player faces a choice whom to attacks at every move. According to developers, it makes a battle intense from beginning to end since a battle outcome can depend on one strike. Those who played Disciples 2 remember similar battles.

Despite the knightly romanticism and presence of magic the world of Eisenwald is not a fantasy but alternate Middle Ages. There is a place for adventures and heroic deeds but there are no arrogant elves or stupid orcs, no ancient gods or other fantasy clichés. Heroes of Legends of Eisenwald are not saving the world and are not participating in the wars between gods. Rather, they are directed by human motivations: by a desire to find glory (and wealth), by blood feud, revenge and even by unrequited love.

Right now developers have an alpha version of the game. Following an example of many independent studios Aterdux Entertainment addressed their future players through a popular in recent months Kickstarter with a rather original presentation video. Release of the game is planned for the autumn of this year.

http://www.aterdux.com  company site

http://kck.st/JWdHEH Kickstarter


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