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Dead State - Q&A Thread

by Dhruin, 2012-04-23 23:06:23

We posted last week about the Dead State Ask the Developers thread on the Iron Tower forums - of course, now there are a bunch of answers from Brian Mitsoda so head over and take a look. Here's a sample about their Kickstarter status:

Two Kickstarter-related questions:

Have you decided on your funding target for Kickstarter?

Yes, we have. It's reasonable without leaving us too little breathing room. We've also planned out budgets/teams for if we make 200% or 300% of our goal.

What are your plans if the Kickstarter drive is a massive success, or conversely, if it is a massive failure?

If it's a massive success, we'll hire on more people to full-time contracts and expand the team. If it's a failure, it's likely we'll have to move to a different funding structure and the game will take longer.

Also: have you decided upon a rough date to start the kickstarter?

Yup. We've got a schedule we're working on. We've done the budget, 99% certain on the tiers, and we know what we want to show off. We're finishing up a few tasks so we can cut the trailer and do other promotional material. When the whole team signs off on the trailer, we'll start doing a press push and launch the trailer and Kickstarter.

And: if you get a higher amount of money from the kickstarter, will you reconsider adding cover mechanics?

I don't know if we can promise to add new systems at this point - it really does add more than you think. Maps, combat systems, animations all need to be tweaked to address one new system. If we get additional personnel because of better than expected funding, they're going to be working on polishing the game and finishing implementing the content faster.  


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