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Age of Decadence - Interview @ RPG France

by Dhruin, 2012-04-25 01:05:44

Vince D. Weller has been interviewed by RPG France, catching up The Age of Decadence (scroll down for English):

What have been the worst problems you had encounter during the developing process? And on the other side, what are the things you are the proudest? As a matter of fact, the first screenshot are from 2005, the game developement time has been quite long. How do you explain it? Some wrong turn along the way?

It takes time to make quality games.
Tim Cain: "With that said, the Vampire had been under development for three years. While that's not a long time for a role-playing game - Fallout had taken three and a half years to develop..."
So, if it takes an experienced team 3-3.5 (even 5 for the Witcher) years working full time to make a decent RPG, it’s not that strange that it takes 4 people team working part time 7-8 years to do the same.

What we’re proud of the most? Pretty much everything. That we’ve made it this far – everyone who’s ever worked or is working on his or her own project knows what I’m talking about. That we’ve made a game that hundreds of people are enjoying. That we have such a great and supportive community.

If you’re talking about specific features, I’d say the way we’ve interwoven different questlines and all the different paths we’ve made. I’m also amazed at the visuals Oscar created or that Nick (our programmer) managed to do everything I asked of him.

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