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Dark Messiah: Previews @ IGN, GBase

by Dhruin, 2006-09-15 22:08:00
IGN is the latest major site with a hands-on preview of Dark Messiah. Here's a snip:
The more creative thing about fighting in general is that it pays to have environmental awareness. While enemies can be killed or affected by basic combat and magic, there are lots of objects laying around in the level that can be used to amazing advantage. One of the basic attacks is a kick that can be used at any time. This kick has the added effect of pushing an enemy back with some good force. That means kicking an enemy can push them over the edge of a chasm, into a fire, or onto one of the many spike racks nailed around the walls. There's a ton of them. More than might be reasonable, but they sure are fun to stick people to. There are also plenty of other traps such swinging items like beams and chandeliers that will drop and knock any enemy senseless that simply need to be freed by slicing through a rope. Add to that the plethora of objects that picked up and thrown or kicked at enemies and the environments are ripe with violent possibility.
..meanwhile, a German-language preview is up at Swiss site GBase.

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